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Discount Shopping Made Easy By Your Not So Average Millennial Featuring TacBoard

Before I became The Quirky Conservative, I contemplated naming my blog The Darling Of Discount.  As I have said before, I absolutely love a good deal. Wasting things, and especially money, bother me. I am blessed with phenomenal parents that are able to support me and my not so healthy shopping habits. However, I prefer to spend my own money… which means I would need to make my own money.
I literally love shopping more than anything, and there is nothing more exciting than discount shopping. Because saving money means you can spend more, right?
When I first heard about TacBoard, I got a little too excited! The wonderful people at TacBoard have created a site that helps girls like me who are self proclaimed shop-a-holics find all of our favorite clothing items and accessories at prices we are willing to pay. Its honestly the best thing to ever happen to me and my wallet.

Think of TacBoard as Pinterest but for shopping. All you do is search the for the clothing item that you want, and enter in the price you are willing to pay. If you find an item that fits your fancy while browsing a window on TacBoard, you can tac it to one of your personalized display boards (think Pinterest boards).  Once an item is ‘taced’, you’re automatically signed up to receive notifications if the price drops! So basically TacBoard is your own personal discount shopper.
The website was developed by the sweetest girl,  Disha, who, like me, recently graduated from high school. She is oh so dedicated about linking others with their favorite brands at affordable prices. So dedicated that she actually decided to take a gap year from school to pour her whole heart and soul into her company. Discount shopping was made easy by your not so average millennial and she has truly inspired me to live my dream.
Stay quirky!


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