Did You Know That 3D Could Boost Your Health?

Nowadays, 3D printers have acquired a fantastic reputation in tech startups as well as in the sci-fi community – where you can print out a 3D model of your favorite character. However, for everyone else, the idea that 3D printing could dramatically enhance your life is something that we fail to perceive. While there’s a sense of fun in printing out an object instead of a document, the excitement soon dies out. After all, you wouldn’t print out your next furniture when you can buy them in a shop. Besides, it seems as if there were no real-life application for 3D printing technology in your everyday life. You can’t print out your food. You can’t print out your clothes. You can’t print out a fake boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. So what’s the point of it all? Don’t just ditch 3D printing now. It could boost your health one day, and here’s how:

Leg cast

Keeping you motivated along your fitness journey

If you’re the kind of person who struggles to stay on top of your fitness training and maintain positive lifestyle changes, you could use 3D as a motivational tool. Indeed, diversifying your workouts to include HIIT exercises and strength training can help you to work out different parts of your body. But if you find fitness painful, it’s unlikely that workout variety is going to help you to stay motivated. However, a small 3D print of your body can help you to follow transformations, even if you can’t see them. And that’s motivating for sure!

The perfect smile without the pain

Ah, crooked teeth. Even though we all dream of the perfect white pearls, life can sometimes make it hard to achieve your goal. Indeed, your wisdom teeth can grow at any point during your late teens up to your 30s. If there’s not enough room for them, they’re going to push other teeth and affect your smile. However, even after extraction, it can be tricky to get the right braces for your adult mouth without using 3D scan and print to create accurate anatomical tooth models. The result? You can straighten your teeth as painlessly as possible – which is important because many adults complaint about braces pains!

Had an accident? Regrow your bones

If you’ve been in a crash in the past, you’ve probably had a plaster cast to protect your leg or your arm while the bone healed. However, mending bones can take a lot of time, especially for multiple fractures – anybody who’s into skiing knows a friend who had a bad fall! But surgeons can now use 3D printers to create bone implants that help the healing process. You will still get the unpleasant cast experience, but thanks to the implant, you can shorten your recovery time.

Giving the miracle of sight

Pregnant women can find it difficult to imagine their baby from the echography prints, especially during the first months of pregnancy. But with a 3D printer, doctors could give expecting parents a 3D model of the fetus. This technology is not only helpful for all parents, but it’s a revelation for visually impaired mothers.

In other words, the next time you hear about 3D printers, don’t assume that it’s the kind of technology that is only interesting to engineers and nerds. On the contrary, one day, it could change your life!

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