Delve Into The Guy Mindset To Find The Right Gift For Him

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It’s that time of year again. You need to look for a great gift for your man. It could be your anniversary, his birthday, christmas or any other occasion. Perhaps you are just looking to surprise him out of the blue. Either way, now you have a tough road ahead. Guys, it must be said, are notoriously difficult to buy for. At least, that’s how it seems. But really once you get right down to it, guys are easy. You just need to know what type of guy you have.

Football Crazy, Football Mad

Look Familiar?

Baseball, F1, american football, basketball – or basically any other sport on the planet. It doesn’t matter which sport. As long as they are mad about it a gift like this will go down a treat. Here are some of the signs that your boy is a sports junkie:

They pray…but only when their team is playing

Their life revolves around a sport schedule

The start of the season is like Christmas

Their legs stop working whenever a sports game is on

You will have seen them cry…when their team lose

If any of these signs sound like your man, you’re in luck. There are plenty of fantastic gifts to get him. You can think about buying sports tickets. Depending on the occasion you can purchase season tickets – that’s a big one – or tickets for one game. You need to get at least two and if you really want to impress him, offer to go too. Or, sports memorabilia are another great choice and even sports passion. Get him a jersey for his favourite team. We must warn you though, like a five year old in a superhero costume, he’ll want to wear it everywhere. Speaking of superheroes.

Naked Chef

Brunette Woman Everyday Life Blond Kitchen Man

No, Not Naked In That Way

Sadly or perhaps thankfully if you want to avoid some embarrassing burns, that phrase shouldn’t be taken literally. However, it might describe your partner if they love food, cooking and plenty of different delicacies. Perhaps one of the best guys to have signs will include:

Delicious home cooked meals

Encouragement to try new flavours and tastes

Trips out to exciting restaurants

There are plenty of great food themed gifts to choose and if you’re not sure where to start checkout Cuckoolands gift ideas for guys. Everything from culinary tools to food and drinks packs are available.

Wakanda Forever!

Do you know what that phrase is referring to? Congratulations, you have an adorkable man obsessed with the superheroes from comics he used to read when he was younger. It’s okay, that particular superhero film made over 1.7 billion dollars so you’re certainly not alone. Other signs that you have a super obsessed guy include:

Tears in his eyes whenever someone mentions Infinity War

Knows what the Marvel V DC war is and asks you to pick a side

You’ve seen every Marvel or DC movie in the past ten years and may have attended midnight screenings

He has ‘collectibles’ that look remarkably like action figures

Again, plenty of gift ideas are available including superhero merch, films and fashion. Just make sure you get the one that matches your man’s superhero obsession. Remember, Spiderman exists in a separate universe to Batman and Supes.

Disclaimer: This post is collaborative (or contributed) and may contain affiliate links.

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