Confronting Your Flaws || Celebrate Yourself Challenge: Week One

What is your New Year’s Resolution?
 To have a toned, fit body? To eat a salad at every meal? Maybe you want to cut back on your caffeine intake? Or start drinking more water? Though everything I just listed are excellent New Year’s Resolutions, their main focus is to work on your physical health. But what about your self-esteem? What are you doing to increase your confidence? While everyone is starting a health challenge, we are excited that you have decided to work on your mental health in 2016!

For week one of the Celebrate Yourself Challenge, we are going to ask you to talk about something pretty difficult. Something we often don’t like to talk about: Our Flaws.
With these flaws, however, we’re going to ask you to brainstorm positive things about yourself. For every flaw, we challenge you to come up with two positive notes. You’ll soon see that you are so much more than the flaws you can pick out in yourself.
You’re beautiful, unique and completely worth celebrating.
Both Sanah and I identified what our flaws were early on in our lives. Here’s a bit about our personal challenges with confidence, how excited we are that YOU have decided to celebrate yourselves with us, and how we turned our flaws into something flawless!
Note from Sanah Jivani, Co-host of the Celebrate Yourself Challenge and Creator of The Love Your Natural Self Foundation
Hello beautiful individuals! I’m SO happy that you’re reading this post, and I hope you decide to take the Celebrate Yourself challenge with us. My name is Sanah Jivani and I’m currently a freshman in college studying sociology and communications. I am passionate about writing, motivational speaking, and interacting with amazing people like YOU. I have a non-profit organization called The Love Your Natural Self Foundation that focuses on empowering individuals. My foundation is super excited to be one of the co-creators of this amazing 12-month challenge that will help individuals truly celebrate their natural self and all of their quirks!
This challenge is especially special to my heart because of my own personal struggles with confidence. In the seventh grade, I lost all of my hair to a condition called Alopecia. As you can imagine, this was pretty overwhelming for a seventh grader. I wanted to learn to love myself again. I realized, however, that loving yourself is a process. It takes time and energy.
Investing in yourself is one of the most important investments you can make, though, and that’s why I’m so excited to co-host this challenge with my sweet friend Mandy. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!
Note from Mandy J. Engelman, Co-host of the Celebrate Yourself Challenge and Founder of The Quirky Conservative, Lifestyle Blog
Hey y’all! My name is Mandy J. Engelman and I am the founder of The Quirky Conservative, a lifestyle blog that focuses on embracing what makes a person truly unique (the blog you are currently reading)! Sanah and I have oh so much in common. For starters, we are both incredibly passionate individuals. Like Sanah, I am a college freshman majoring in communication, I am committed to promoting a healthy body image and embracing individualities, and I have faced challenging times that have tested my confidence.
I was extremely bullied growing up, I was even bullied out of my high school during my freshman year. Once I realized that I allowed the bullied to demolish my confidence, I refused to allow them to define my worth. I wanted to redefine myself so I turned to the only place that I knew I could, the internet.
It is here, on the internet, that I have realized that what makes my unique attributes should be celebrated, not hidden. And the same goes for YOU! What makes you unique, or quirky as I would say, is also what makes you special. That is why Sanah and I have decided to create the Celebrate Yourself challenge, and amazing 12-month challenge that will help individuals (like YOU!) truly celebrate their natural self and all of their quirks!
We live in a world that views our individualities as flaws, but here the Celebrate Yourself Challenge, we truly believe that what makes you different is always what makes you special.
Stay natural, stay quirky, and celebrate YOU!
Sanah and Mandy

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