College Hacks: What’s in my backpack


Life is literally crazy. Hahah, I think every single college student could say that at this moment. At High Point Univeristy, midterms are among us. As a communication major, I tend to write a lot of papers and have a lot of projects which equates to spending a lot of time behind my computer in Starbucks.

My days begin at my internship for 3-4 hours. From there, I head off to class then lock myself in Starbucks. Its truly a fun life pulling 15 hour days and having $20 Starbucks bills (hey, thats what dining dollars are for).

I have a secret to pulling off these crazy days. It is what I keep in my backpack:



  • Computer charger, phone charger and headphones in a cute pink case.
  • Though we may have 24 hours in a day, our computer and phone batteries do not. Since my chargers always tend to get tangled, I like to keep them in a separate bag.

My BFF pass it on journal for stressful times. 

Hannah and I live on separate coasts and separate time zones. Its difficult for us to find time in our super busy schedules to sit down for a phone call during the week. Instead, I write down fun memories and important things I want to tell her in our shared notebook. Its a stress-reducer and is a positive escape from the stresses of studying.

An extra pair of shoes.

Long days = tired feet. Sometimes its good to switch out your shoes into something comfy.

A sweet treat.

A somewhat healthy, gluten-free snack is also in my bag. I love Goodie Girl Cookies “Go Bags” because each bag is  around 100 calories and are filled with mini cookies, making it super easy for me to eat a cookie for every question I get right on my study guides!

Reading glasses.

Though I rarely wear my reading glasses (sorry, Dad!), I like to keep them on hand. Absolutely everything I do for class and for work is on a computer. My eyes start to hurt after staring at a screen for hours and my glasses provide a relief.

A bottle of water.

Though I end up spending a crazy amount of money at Starbucks during midterms, I always make sure to bring a bottle of water with me that I can refill. Drinking a lot of water helps my body to feel awake and refreshed, which is key when studying.

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