College Hacks: End of Year Checklist

Summer is near and I promise you packing up your dorm room is the last thing on your mind. Especially with finals, packing is the least of my concerns. I mainly made this checklist for my own sake, as I live for them.

Here’s what you need to remember as you pack-up for the summer:


1. Find a storage facility.  I only live an hour from my campus and I prefer to get a storage unit. It makes life simpler when it comes to moving back in for the Fall semester. For my High Point University friends, Epic Storage Solutions provides a door-to-door, all-inclusive moving service. They provide you with boxes and will move your belongings to your storage until and deliver them to your door in the Fall. Can’t get much better than that!


2. Clean out your closet.  Why bring home clothes you never wear? When you’re packing up is the perfect time to sort through your wardrobe. Donate or sell your clothes for some extra summer cash. Apps like Poshmark are great for this.


3. Take note of items you didn’t use. Never touched that window cleaner your mom swore you need? Never mopped your floors? Make note of what you didn’t use as a reminder not to bring it in the Fall.


4. Return your books. I always forget about this until the last minute. Pack up your books and print off your shipping labels once you’re done with your classes. No-one wants to deal with dragging their books all the way back home.


5. Pack over-night bag. Put everything you will need for your first night home in one bag. This will prevent you from having to unpack immediately once you get home.


Happy packing!

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