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A common questions I receive from anxious incoming freshman is what computer is best for college. Here’s the truth: not any computer will work. Confusing, right? Depending on your path of study, you may need a specific type of computer. This should be specified on your college website. Additionally, certain universities require that their students have a specific type of computer. Again, this will be listed on your college website. Personally, I have never been a fan of PC’s. Though they are a more pocket-friendly choice (aka less expensive), they tend to be heavier and slower than most Apple computers. Due to my *kinda* friendship with Steve Woz (S/O to HPU!), I am going to have to strongly encourage each and every one of you to purchase an Apple computer. With that being said, there’s literally so many Apple computers to choose from. I have selected my favorites and broken down the pros and cons.

Apple Macbook Air (This is my computer!!)

Pro: It is absolutely adorable. The small size and light weight is perfect for traveling and carrying around in a backpack. If you will just be using your computer for basic note taking and essay writing, this is an excellent choice.

Cons: This computer is perfect for writing essays and blog posts as well as scrolling the web. However, the Macbook Air’s do not come with a ton of storage. Due to this, I work mainly from a hard drive. It also does not have a high enough processor or a big enough screen to make graphic work easy. I would not recommend this for a Communication major, as you will be using Adobe Suite or a similar software. This computer does not come with a memory card or CD drive, meaning you will need to purchase an adaptor. This is not such a big deal since CD’s are not widely used, but not having a memory chip drive is a big pain in the butt.

Debating which size to get? Go with the 13 inch. The larger screen makes splitting your screen a whole lot easier. And trust me, having google open on one window and Word on the other is a lifesaver when it comes to research papers.

Apple Macbook Pro

Pro: This computer has a super high processor, making it literally lighting fast and perfect for Adobe Suite or similar software. Additionally, the Macbook from has an abundance of storage and a slot for your memory chip (hip, hip hooray!).

Cons: Well notably heavier in weight from the Air, it is still wicked light for a computer. This computer also does not come with a CD drive.

Debating which size to get? This is more of a personal choice. The 15 inch is literally massive and heavier than the 13 inch. However, the 15 inch has a beautiful screen. Take into consideration what you will be utilizing your computer for. Graphics and video editing will be drastically easier on a larger screen. As will Netflix watching. Personally, I am upgrading my Air to the 13 inch Pro. I don’t want to lug around a super heavy computer if I don’t have to.


Pros: Super, super tiny and absolutely adorable

Cons: There is only one plug. You cannot change your phone, use headphones, plug in a memory chip or thumb drive without an adaptor. This computer does not have a large amount of storage. Plus the computer is too new so Apple has not had the chance to fully fix all of the bugs. 

In conclusion, buy the Macbook Pro. It is literally made for college kids.

Here are a few pictures of Steve Woz and I!

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    August 5, 2016 at 9:37 am

    That’s amazing that you got to meet Steve Woz! I’ve never been a big phone of Apple’s computers, but I do like that they come with security software and photo editing all built in. Maybe in the future I’ll become a fan though.

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