Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Choosing an engagement ring is tough. Whether you are shopping for your partner, taking the time to make a choice together, or as is becoming more popular, looking for your own ring, it’s a big deal. This is the ring that starts the next chapter of your life. That will sit on the same finger for many many years to come. The ring that leads to other rings, and larger commitments. It’s a rite of passage, a sign of things to come and an enormous commitment in itself. But, it’s also a fashion choice.

Jewelry is very personal. We all have different tastes and styles. Things that we like and dislike. This one ring has got to look fantastic, be easy to wear, suit her style and taste and go with absolutely all of her outfits. It’s got to be something that she’s proud to wear, keen to show off and utterly in love with from the first second that she sees it. It’s got to be a ring that she can’t say no to. No pressure then.


A huge factor in finding the ring of her dreams is your budget, and it’s important to know what it is before you even start looking. It can be easy to get carried away when ring shopping, so be realistic with what you can afford and then try to only look at rings that fit your budget. You’ll have heard vague guides like spending a month’s wages on the ring, but really at the end of the day, as long as you both love it, cost shouldn’t matter. See for some help with your wedding budget.


Diamonds are the traditional choice when it comes to engagement rings, and this guide at can help you to see why. Diamonds are special, they have meaning, and they aren’t something that we buy every day. They are classic, expensive and timeless. They work well with any outfit, they are, and they always look wonderful.

But, there’s no hard and fast rule either. She might not like diamonds, or you might want to change things up a little. You could go for a combination of perhaps a large diamond surrounded by sapphires, which is exceptionally elegant. Think about her tastes and the other jewelry she owns for guidance.


The band type is often easy to choose. If she prefers smaller, daintier jewelry, you’ll want to stick to a thinner band. The main options when it comes to metal are gold, white gold and platinum. Again, think about what she already wears and conversations you’ve had in the past. If most of her jewelry is silver, opt for white gold instead of yellow.


This is where her tastes come in, and often the hardest choice to make. If she’s elegant, classy and sophisticated, you might consider a timeless princess cut. Simple, classy and gorgeous. If she’s more of a rock chic, you might want to opt for a colored stone that makes a statement. If she’s glamorous and outgoing, a cluster could look fantastic. Or, if she’s outdoorsy and a nature lover, a vintage ring, or a simple stone, with an engraved or patterned band, might be better.


Disclaimer: This post is collaborative (or contributed) and may contain affiliate links.

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