Celebrate Yourself Challenge: Week Two || #IAm

We have all been there. 
That time where you have starred in the mirror, disgusted by your outer appearance. We have all stopped wearing that one piece of clothing we adored because of a negative comment someone made about it. Everyone has experienced the moment where we allowed the haters to berate every unique personality trait and talent that we posses, giving their negative words the power to define our worth. The truth is, we have all been through times where our confidence was at an all time low. But what have you done to increase it?

Last week, Sanah and I challenged you to confront your flaws. This week, we want you to write down all of the things that YOU love about yourself! The goal of our #IAM activity is to help you realize how amazing you are! From your body type and skin color to your taste in music and food, society, and especially our peers, often have their own negative opinions about what makes us unique. Here at the Celebrate Yourself Challenge, we want YOU to define YOURSELF on YOUR own terms!
Need help? Here is a list of 100 positive descriptive words!
Ready to start Celebrate Yourself Challenge: Week Two? Click here to download the activity!
Stay natural, stay quirky, and celebrate YOU!
Mandy & Sanah


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