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Bittersweet Endings Lead To New Beginnings

I have always had a million different interests and a million different talents. From cooking and crafting to ballet and writing, my heart and soul has been poured into every extracurricular activity I could possibly be involved in. It took me a while to find a common theme within all of my interests. And by a while, I mean the past eighteen years of my life. But I think I have finally found where my heart lies.
My heart lies within the glass screen of the electronic device you are using to log onto my very own domain. A true dream of mine. (Confession: In elementary and middle school I would spend hours designing and creating my own websites.)
Growing out of each interest allowed me to narrow down my true calling, writing this blog.
Ok, ok, ok, it may sounds silly. And you probably wonder if blogs will even be around 10 years from now. I am going to tell you the exact thing I tell every single person who has ever told me I cannot succeed: watch me. The only person that can honestly stop me from doing something is me. Sure, I may fail and hit a few roadblocks along the way. But they’re called roadblocks for a reason…. they are on a road. Every road leads to a pot-o-gold right? Or is that a rainbow?
Anyways, I will never be done searching for a new hobby to take on. But I have been able to put my mind, and heart, at rest. As of now, I feel my true passion lies within the one place where all my passions can be combined, on a platform that allows my voice to be heard and for my words to make a difference. My true passion no longer lies within the hands of my beloved American Girl Dolls (so what if they’re for ages 8+?), rather my blog.
I hope while you’re on my site, my words evoke an emotion that otherwise would have gone untapped. I hope that you find the courage necessary to embrace what makes you truly unique- or quirky as I would say. I hope you are reunited with your inner confidence that you lost so many years ago, the strength to stand up to your haters, and the confidence to keep things covered up. Because you are so much more than your assets (pun intended) allow you to be.
Enjoy the new updates to my blog, and my life. (Check out my new Facebook page!) Stay tuned for more new and exciting collaborations, updates on my transition into college life, a fun post with Trend Tribe, and a top-secret, super duper cool ugh. I cannot say more without giving it away. Oh well.
I have said good-bye to my life in Michigan and hello to new friendships, new opportunities, and new memories in North Carolina. I have said good-bye to high school and I am embracing college with open arms. The next stages of my life I will be taking with you. All of you. My readers, my friends, my support system.
Welcome to the new Quirky Conservative- where my mission is to inspire you to embrace your quirks.
Be sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling.
Oh! And stay quirky.


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  1. Reply
    Grace Hincapie
    June 9, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    This was beautiful to read Mandy!!! I look forward to reading about your future college adventures and all the wonderful changes that will come with it. I will also be able to relate to a lot of your college adventures since I will be a college freshman as well.

  2. Reply
    Maria in May
    June 9, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    I absolutely love this post Mandy! Can't wait to see what college has for you.

    xx Maria |

  3. Reply
    Meagan Hooper
    June 10, 2015 at 8:09 am

    So excited to see what is to come from The Quirky Conservative in years to come!!!

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