Be You, The World Will Adjust

After watching the Disney movie Pixel Perfect and singing the song Notice Me for a good three days straight, I had an epiphany.

There is a certain part in the song that I find particularly bothersome:

“If you lose your way
If I won’t let you go
If I cut my hair
If I change my clothes
Will you notice me?
If I bite my lip
If I say hello
Will you notice me?
What’s it going to take for you to see,
To get you to notice me?”

When I finally comprehended what the lyrics were saying, the epiphany happened.

Why are we living our lives only to please society and, in this case, boys. Maybe thats just it. We think changing our appearance is what it will take to get a boy. Do we ever stop to think guys are just as sensitive as girls? Maybe if there is a boy you really like you should just tell him instead of waiting for him to say it first. Maybe, just maybe, the guy is afraid that the girl won’t like him back.

Here’s a thought: Why don’t we try impressing guys with good deeds? Doing things that show our true personalities? Showing the said guy that you truly care about him and his well being will go further  than cutting your hair and wearing more makeup. In fact, wipe that makeup off your face because you’re more beautiful without it. If you stop living your life trying to impress a guy and start living your life for you- not a boy- you’ll be happier. Your main focus in life should be you and getting an education,  and spending time with YOUR family. All are better ways to spend your time than living to impress a boy.

When you hit rock bottom, the boy you’re trying to impress wont be there for you; but your family will. Don’t change yourself to the point where you’re unrecognizable. A guy should bring out the best in you, like a blue shirt brings out blue eyes.

Moral of this blog post:
We are constantly changing ourselves to please society. We think cutting our hair, dressing risqué, having an interest in certain sports, being smart, acting dumb, or having a certain car will make a boy notice us. But why?  If we allow the real us to shine through, we will attract real friends and a boy who is worth our while.

Keep it covered up my dear friends.

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