Are You Feeling Down And Out? A Lifestyle change May Be The Answer

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Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut. We don’t mean to. We may be actively swimming against the tide. But it can grab hold of us and keep us in negative surroundings. I don’t think anyone wants to feel down or lethargic. Sometimes our lifestyle can have an affect on that and be the thing that causes these bad feelings. When this happens, it’s advisable to take a look at yourself and make a few lifestyle adjustments. It could have a huge effect on your health and well-being.

Often the problem people have is knowing what change sot make. This can have a detrimental effect on your life if you make the right choices on change the right habits. But of course, you can also end up doing things that don’t make so much difference. It all depends on your circumstances and specifically how you are feeling. Only you can answer that. But I wanted to share with you some of the things that you could try that could help resolve your feelings, and have you kickstarting a new life feeling the best version of yourself. So I thought I would put together a quick guide to get you started.

Start small and think big

We can be guilty of jumping into things feet first without looking at all the possibilities. This can happen with a new diet and fitness regime. Most lifestyle changes are considered to have something to do with  fitness and diet, but if you start off with a huge goal, for example running a marathon or losing a significant amount of weight, then the whole journey can feel overwhelming and too much, and therefore have you giving up at the first hurdle. The best advice is to start small but think big. Have you got an end goal? Then that’s your big thing. Having that is important as this is what you aiming to achieve, but the next step will help you achieve it. You need to start making small changes and targets to get where you need to be. These can help to keep you motivated and moving in the right direction. The one thing you must do when it comes to fitness and diet goals is to accept that it is a gradual process and not something that can be fixed overnight.

Think about your surroundings

A lifestyle change isn’t just about you. It is about everything to do with your life. It’s your surroundings and the home you live in. Is anything in your house getting you down? Is it affecting your mood? It may sound strange but things like clutter can really start to affect your mindset and how you do things. For example, if you have an untidy home, then this can give you an untidy mind. So maybe your lifestyle change is going to be focused around organisation and minimalism. You don’t need to go to extremes, but it can really help you to clear your mind and in turn, help you to prioritise other aspects of your life.

Is your financial position holding you back?

People can often find that the biggest lifestyle change they want to make can actually be more practical than personal and it has much to do with your financial situation. Are you struggling to pay the bills? Have you got yourself into debt? Take a look at your whole situation from the amount that leaves your account, the amount you pay out for debt and even the amount of money you may spend on clothes or food. It may not be a pretty picture at first, but getting a whole overview will highlight the problems. Debt, for example, can actually be resolved if you place your attention on it. It can’t be something resolved straight away, unless you come into some money, but it can be handled with a plan. You could consolidate your debts into one loan, a look online will highlight the best personal loans to consider. This gives you a payment plan, one payment, and one interest payment, bringing the whole expenditure down considerably. Food shopping is another one that you can change, and that could be simply by meal planning and changing where you shop. It may sound strange, but taking control of this area, will have a knock on effect Ian other areas of your lifestyle. Meal planning to bring the food shopping bill down may encourage you to cook from scratch and eat healthily. Extra money saved from consolidating debts could mean that you now can afford that gym membership, which will help when it comes to any fitness goals. It is all connected.

Have a positive mindset

Your mindset has a lot to do with whether you keep things up. If you are particularly negative, then things are never going to change. It’s about developing a habit of thinking more positive, for it to then become a natural way to be. You must start your day with a positive thought and finish it in the same way. A great way to practise being positive is to be grateful for what you have. Being thankful for that lovely meal you just cooked. Or your partner for being supportive. It could be anything. It will get easier the more you do it.

A positive mindset can feel forced at first, after all, you are attempting to change the way your thoughts are programmed, and if you have been negative and feeling down, this has essentially become your habit of negativity. But persevere with it and you will start to see the changes. Your inset can also be governed but the people you surround yourself with, so try and avoid any negative influences you may have in your life.

Getting more sleep

Finally, it could be as simple as a bit of extra self-care that can see a big change i your lifestyle, and one of the most obvious ones is more sleep. Sometime sit isn;t just about being able to have an extra hour, but more to do with the quality of sleep. So look at the routine you have before bed, actively relax and avoid technology, and ensure that you get yourself comfortable before bed. It could make the world of difference.

I hope this guide kicks start your healthy lifestyle change.

Disclaimer: This post is collaborative (or contributed) and may contain affiliate links.

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