Are You Always Tired? Here Are The Causes And Solutions

It isn’t uncommon to feel tired. Around 33% of adults suffer from it daily and that makes it relatable. People judge themselves on others, so it’s easy to think there is nothing wrong with being tired all the time. Of course, it’s not healthy because it’s a sign of a bad lifestyle, and in some cases, it may be an indicator of disease. Thankfully, it’s usually the former and not the latter which means it’s fixable with a couple of lifestyle tweaks.

Here are the potential reasons you’re fatigued all the time and how to get back your energy.

Blood Sugar Boost

When you eat sugary food, the body reacts by producing insulin to get it into the cells as quickly as possible. However, the spike and inevitable fall often lead to exhaustion as you continue to top up on refined sugars and complex carbs. To prevent this vicious cycle from taking hold, it’s important to cap the number of carbs you eat per meal. Some carbohydrates are essential and you shouldn’t cut them out altogether; however, the likes of white bread, rice and pasta are very starchy. Processed food and candies are a no-go too as they contain all kinds of additives.

Not Working Out

Living a sedentary life is straightforward because you don’t have to do anything strenuous. Once work is over, you drive home, cook dinner, and lounge on the sofa watching TV. While this sounds like the best way to relax ever, it often leads to fatigue because you’re not active enough. Going to the gym helps to raise energy levels as it releases endorphins and increases heart rate and blood pressure. But, there’s no need to go overboard if you want to start small. Walking or taking the stairs rather than the elevator can be excellent ways to be more active.

Poor Quality Of Sleep

Sleep has an obvious impact on fatigue. If you don’t get enough, you won’t wake up feeling refreshed. But, it’s also about the quality of rest as well as the duration. People who get eight hours a night but constantly twitch or wake up will still suffer from tiredness. The key is to fall into a deep sleep and hit REMS as soon as possible and bedtime meditation should help. Clearing your mind of negative thoughts will result in mindfulness that allows you to sleep through the night. Also, you may want to try removing electronics from the bedroom as they give off radiation.


Allergies are easy to spot as they have side-effects such as sneezing or a runny nose. Unfortunately, they are not all created equal as food allergies can be a problem and person may not even know they have one. Fatigue is an excellent indicator, so you should see a doctor if you can’t think of another explanation. Only blood tests will show whether you need to remove something from your diet.

Are you always tired? What do you think is the issue? Let me know in the comments below!

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