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Animal Foods You Can Easily Replace With Plant-Based Alternatives

People like to present going veggie as an all-or-nothing event. You either continue eating animal foods, or you never eat them again. For many, taking the plunge is just too much – how can you go the rest of your life without eating anything that came from an animal? It just seems too hard.

But the good news is that the entrepreneurs have found ways to make your life easier. You don’t have to make all-or-nothing decisions – you can just make small, almost imperceptible changes that will eventually add up to make a big difference. Take a look at some of these simple animal food substitutes.

Tofu Scramble Instead Of Scrambled Egg

Image: Flickr Credit: Bart Everson

Egg is a notoriously tricky thing to replace on a plant-based diet. But it can be done, so long as you know what you’re doing. No, you won’t be able to have boiled eggs and little toast “soldiers” to dip in the yolk, but you can make a mean scrambled egg with tofu – and it’s much healthier to boot.

Angela Liddon, the woman behind the wildly successful plant-based cookbook Oh She Glows, presents a tofu scramble recipe as part of a vegan brunch. Not only does it contain tofu, but also the super spice turmeric (for the yellow color), shallots, red pepper and greens.

Oat Milk Instead Of Cow’s Milk

Cow’s milk contains many “factors” which leading researchers, including Neil Barnard of the Physician’s Health Committee, believe may be bad for people. For instance, it contains high levels of a protein called casein which has been linked to increased IGF-1 and cancer in animal and human experiments. Milk production can also be harmful to the cows, which is why many people are looking for alternatives.

Oat milk might not sound like the obvious choice, but it doesn’t contain any of the nasties you might find in regular milk and may offer a host of benefits. Oat milk nutrition is improving all the time, and while it contains less protein, the protein that it does have is better for your body.

Seitan Instead Of Meat

Seitan is made from the protein in wheat which has an excellent mouth-feel, similar (but not identical to) meat. If meat is serving as a condiment, like in a pasta dish, then seitan is a great replacement. Scientists haven’t figured out a way of recreating a rump steak from wheat, but you can bet they’re working on it.

Jackfruit Instead Of Pulled Pork

Go on any foodie website, and you’ll see articles paying homage to pulled pork, one of the most exciting food trends of recent years. But pulled pork might be about to be usurped by a strange and mysterious tropical plant – the jackfruit. Although rarely seen in western produce aisles, jackfruit is slowly gaining popularity thanks to its uncanny ability to mimic not only the looks but also the texture and taste of pulled pork. Moreover, since it’s a fruit, it’s light on the stomach and doesn’t lead to indigestion. Hats off to whoever discovered this one: they were truly inspired.

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