Amazing Ways To Keep The Home Cool This Summer


The summer time comes along often in a flash. One day it’s freezing and you have your whole house turned up to 25 degrees, and then the next day the sun is shining and you have to open every window.  

Now that summer is officially here, it is the ideal time for us to take a look at some of the different ways that you can cool off and keep the home breezy and light. 

There will be no more Gas Ducted Heating and baking slow cooked meals to warm the house up this week because we are going to share some simple ways to cool off a sweltering home. 


Sometimes the most simple option is the best of all and it is something which can make a huge difference to the home. A dehumidifier is often used to help keep moisture levels down in the house and this can be used for homes which often struggle with mould issues. However, we can also think about using it to cool the house down. When there is a lot of water in the air, the house will feel warmer because it is humid. By taking water out of the air you will be able to feel fresher and lighter air. 


One of the things you may not have considered before is the fact that every time you plug something into the wall, it produces heat as energy. This means that the more devices and appliances which are plugged in at any one time, the warmer it will be. It is important for you to make sure if you aren’t using an item that you leave it unplugged. 

Use natural light 

Having to switch on lights all the time in the house is one surefire way of producing a lot of heat energy. This is why it is always a smart idea to have many windows in the house and to open up the space for extra light. By having a lot of natural light in your home, it will make the home feel brighter and more spacious. This can be particularly helpful for older relatives who may otherwise need home hospice care as light can brighten mood, increase productivity and help us stay healthy. 

Avoid cooking 

One of the things which is going to make your home so much warmer every day is having the oven on. When we turn the oven on, the residual heat escapes and warms the whole house and in the summer this is the last thing you will want. The best port of call, if you want to enjoy cooked meals, is to set out one afternoon at the weekend to cook everything you need for the week, this way when you come back from work during the week you can put meals together without having to cook too much. You can also enjoy cold meals such as salad, noodles, and even pasta. 

Close the blinds 

When you leave the house in the morning the temptation is to open all of the blinds and curtains to let in some light and increase airflow around the house, but this isn’t the best for keeping us cool. It is a much better idea for us to close the blinds to avoid sunlight entering the home and warming up the space. 

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