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Admitting To Imperfection

Admitting to, and accepting that I have failed are two things that I have always struggled with. I put oh so much pressure on myself to be perfect.” Oh goodness, did I really just admit to striving for perfection?!!  Instead of saying that I cannot do something, I would normally try to find a different approach.
Unfortunately the day has finally come where I admitted that I could not succeed at something I fought so hardly to excel at. After seeing a tutor twice a week and putting in hours of work, I still struggled in my French class. I am a very visual learner. The way my teacher presented the material to me made it difficult for me to catch on. No matter how much work I put in outside of the classroom, I absolutely could not receive my ideal grade. After my teacher emailed me suggesting that I see a tutor (not knowing that I already saw one), I decided that it was time to drop my French class.
I thought I would feel absolutely mortified dropping a class, especially French. I have always wanted to intern in Paris and in order to do that I kinda need to know how to speak French. Giving up on that goal has been the hardest part of this whole situation. I have moments where I feel like I let myself down.
Fortunately, what I have learned from this whole situation is sometimes admitting to your failures is the absolute best thing you can do for yourself. And I am extremely proud of myself for being able to accept that I could not be perfect in this situation. I have admitted to imperfection. Look at me go!
Keep your head up and stay quirky!
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