A Spotless Mind (Or Negative Emotions And How To Deal With Them)

Unless you are Vulcan and live your life by a strict code of logic, or have never had anything bad happen, it’s likely that you experience at least some negative emotions. I’m talking sadness, loneliness, fear, shame, or anger here. In fact, all of these emotions are a natural part of the human experience. However, that doesn’t mean that they are pleasant to experience, or that they aren’t problematic if not dealt with in the right way. Luckily, to help you with this I have come up with the post below. Read on for more info.

Do slow down

Busy, busy busy, that’s the way that most of us live our lives these days. It can be great for a while too because we are just too darn busy to stop and actually feel any of these negative emotions that might pull us down.

However, as many people will testify, you cannot run from your emotions forever, and eventually, they will catch up with you. That is why it’s worth taking some time to slow down and allow yourself to experience life and your feelings even if they are negative, something that practicing meditation or other mindful activities can help you do.

The idea of this being that as we slow down and mindfully attend to our emotional life, we become more adept at just allowing those things to be there. Something that can then prevent them wreaking havoc in our own lives and those of the lives we love.

Don’t block your emotions

Sometimes our feeling can be just too big and overwhelming for a to deal with alone. Sadly, when this is the case, many people resort to blocking or smothering their negative emotions by over sleeping, over eating or even using drugs and other substances.

Of course, this at best is no more than a band-aid over the problem, and at worst it can cause even more serious issues with an individual’s life that the initial negative emotion would.  

To that end, if you find yourself in a situation like this, getting help from a residential drug treatment centre is an option worth considering. It is also vital to work on accepting and letting, emotions happen without suppressing or blocking them. The reason being that this can help you eliminate or at least tolerate many of the triggers that can lead to such behavior as well.

Do learn to control them without acting out

Next, when it comes to negative emotions, we all remember a time when our feelings have got the best of us. However, when it comes to effectively dealing with them, it is essential that we learn to experience anger, fear, and sadness without acting out in a harmful way.

Yes, this can be incredibly difficult at first, so you do need to be compassionate to yourself. However, once you build enough confidence to realize that dealing with negative emotion doesn’t necessarily have to end in negative consequences for yourself or others, you will be much more free to experience all that life has to offer and be a lot happier for it as well.

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