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A Jar of What?

One word, one very odd word: Pickleball.

Odd, right?

Yeah, I thought so, too.

So you’re probably wondering what Pickleball is. Believe me, I was pretty confused when I first heard about it.

 Imagine a sport even the most un-athletic person can play. Take out the running, keep in the sweat. Add a half of a tennis court, a smaller net, smaller paddles, and a whiffle ball. 

Once you mix all this together and top it off with a few strange worlds like the Kitchen Line, you have Pickleball!

Sounds similar to tennis, right? Exactly. Pickleball is a condensed version of Tennis. Both games share the same rules, and even though Pickle Ball is played on a smaller sized court, it can be played on a Tennis court.

Here is the really embarrassing part about Pickleball: it commonly played by senior citizens. Since Pinehurst is a huge retirement community… Pickleball is extremely popular.


If Pickleball is so popular amongst senior citizens, then why am I playing it? 

When I dragged my friend along to play, he asked me the same question. After playing three sets we both quickly came to realize why the game is so popular.

My all time favorite part of Pickleball (beside the fact that my paddle is pink) is the lack of running involved!  I basically stand in the sun, wait for the ball to come towards me, and move my arm. Pickleball is nothing more than a big version of table tennis! Its pretty simple and a ton of fun! My friend and I aren’t very athletic, but we both quickly picked up the game. We were laughing all afternoon and are going back to play again tomorrow!

Interested in Pickleball? The official website is here:


Ahh, my friends… I encourage you to try the craziest thing you have ever heard of (while keeping covered up, of course)


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