A Guide To Downsizing Your Wardrobe

It’s hard to get your wardrobe down to a small number of items, but giving into fast fashion isn’t necessarily a good option. Searching for a few quality staples, you can mix and match to create a fantastic outfit for every day of the week without spending a fortune or giving into the latest trends.

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The best way to start is by decluttering your current wardrobe to make way for what’s to come. Be realistic with what you keep – if you don’t wear the item at least once a week the likelihood is that you don’t need it. You don’t have to get rid of everything, if it’s good quality and a usual staple of your look then leave it where it is. When you gather everything you no longer want to keep, think about donating the clothes to charity. This way, they’ll continue to serve a purpose instead of going to waste, and you’ll be helping several people in the process.


The first few items you should think about are your daily essentials; the basic pieces that go through regular use. Getting a quality pair of women’s leggings is a good place to start, as they’re great for several scenarios like working out, day trips or just relaxing at home. Evaluate which other timeless items you really need, and go for a brand that’s known for good craftsmanship and durability. Remember these items should be the foundations of every outfit, so they have to be capable and comfortable.

Something Smarter

Always remember to keep a couple of high class items in your wardrobe. Although they may commonly only be used for interviews or dinner with the in laws, if you make the right choice then  items can be dressed down and incorporated into other outfits too. Suits are a classic, and there are so many options available today meaning it’s so easy to find the right style for you. The benefit of a suit is the opportunity to switch up the pieces; pair a blazer with a lace top, skinny jeans and heels for a night out, or add a statement blouse to suit trousers and sandals for lunch dates and shopping with friends.

Seasonal Pieces

Your wardrobe has to be suitable for all weather conditions, so there are a few essential items you should have to adapt to the changing climate. An obvious choice is a winter sweater, but don’t forget that it doesn’t have to be dull and traditional. Dresses are flexible as they can be worn as is on hot summer nights, but also complimented by layering other items underneath when it gets a little colder.

Hopefully this guide will show you the ropes when it comes to downsizing to the perfect wardrobe. Don’t forget about the importance of feeling comfortable – life isn’t a daily fashion show. Try to keep control by having a 1-in-1-out rule; if you buy a new piece then get rid of something older at the same time.

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