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7 Clever and Quiet Confidence Boosters That Will Change Your Mindset

Disclaimer: This post is collaborative (or contributed) and may contain affiliate links.


You have had a pretty tough time lately; nothing seems to be going your way and you have just given up. You are in a rocky relationship, you dislike your job massively and you have super low body confidence, which can often stop you from going out with your friends. When you are feeling hormonal, anxious or sad you just want to curl up into a tiny ball and feel the world cave in around you. If you continue to adopt this attitude you will start to lose faith in yourself and that isn’t good. The time has come for you to improve your mental mindset and become more confident in yourself and your abilities. Let’s fix those flaws that your dislike about yourself, erase the negativity from your life and look forward to a brighter future. These seven quiet, but clever confidence boosters are the perfect place for you to start your journey.


1.Body Boost

Do you wake up every morning and hate the way your body looks? Then it is finally time to stop dwelling on it and do something about it. Whether you think your boobs are too small and want breast augmentation surgery or you want a toned bum and need to hit the gym a little bit more. Pinpoint your insecurity and find a way to make yourself feel more fabulous.


  1. Cut Out The Toxicity

Are you fighting a losing battle in your relationship? If they don’t value you and treat you like rubbish then it is time to say goodbye once and for all. Cutting out the toxicity will give you a new lease of life; you will soon be able to start afresh and forget those negative people ever existed.

  1. Rethink Your Career

Being stuck in a dead end job that you hate is a real mood killer. Most people don’t have the guts to quit a job that isn’t working for them, so why don’t you defy the norm? Take a stand and start chasing a career that makes you excited and driven for a change (just don’t make any rash decisions and make sure you can pay all of your bills first!).

  1. Indulge in a New Wardrobe

Splashing out on some new clothes is one of the best ways to boost any girl’s mood. Head out to the shops with your best friend and try out some new styles. Dare to be different for a change and you will quickly feel like a whole new person.


  1. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Did you know that the less sleep you get, the more depressed you are going to feel? Your moods are going to go up and down like a seesaw if you aren’t getting adequate beautyrest. Give yourself an early night at least three times a week and you will soon notice a spring in your step again. Once you have mastered a good bedtime routine you will find it much easier.

  1. Mind Over Matter

Allow your mind to switch off from the chaos around you and take up yoga or meditation. Even if you only have time to do around ten minutes a day, you will soon feel much calmer and more positive about everything in your life.

  1. Nourish to Flourish

The foods that you eat have a massive impact on your health, so don’t neglect and deprive your body of nutrients. Forget the latest fad diet and indulge in delicious and wholesome foods that are going to make you look and feel amazing.

Remember that social media can be extremely misleading and may be causing you to feel down about yourself. Don’t allow Instagram to dictate your day to day mood; start living in the moment and put your phone down once in a while. If you can start to absorb the beauty around you instead of soaking in filters and hashtags you will be able to live a much more fulfilled life. For the next month start putting yourself first and push all negativity aside. These people don’t deserve to be around you; you deserve to be loved and to love yourself. These simple tweaks will help you to grow in confidence and will improve your mental health in leaps and bounds. Remember, if you are ever feeling severely unhappy there are many people you can speak to. Confide in a close friend, colleague or even your doctor and help will always be at hand. Your mindset will soon be marvellous as long as you can learn to love and respect yourself every single day.

Disclaimer: This post is collaborative (or contributed) and may contain affiliate links.

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