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5 tips to sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions

Every year December 31st comes around and we are forced to think about how we want to change in the New Year. We create a list or a vision board of our New Year’s Resolutions that we swear to keep but always comes to an end by mid-February. While having goals is important, it is key to ensure your goals are realistic and therefore can be reached.

Odds are, if you are reading this post you have lost track of your NYR. Chances are the goals are your list are unrealistic for your schedule. Truthfully, who wants to spend a few hours at the gym after a long day of classes and work? Not me!

I have put together a short guide on crafting the perfect NYR list, one you can actually stick to.


1. Review your favorite and worse moments in 2016. Acknowledge what made those moments special or terrible. Use those characteristics to form new goals.


2. Think about the things you are always saying you want to do, but never have. Add them to your list and actually make time for them.


3. Go through your planner and see what you have consistently not crossed off. Is there a common theme between them? Maybe you never crossed off “work out” or “clean room.” Add this to your list of goals.


4. Be realistic. Do you have a long day of classes? Don’t plan for a long workout for that day.


5. Ease into your resolutions. Have an early class? Plan to go to bed early the night before instead of every night. Build up to your goals.

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