3 Types Of Fitness Training You Need To Try In 2019

Is this the year that you really kickstart your fitness journey and move towards some positive lifestyle changes? Or, maybe you’ve been heavily involved in health & fitness for years, and you’re looking for some new inspiration. Either way, certain types of fitness training are well worth trying in the new year. Here are my top picks to give a go:



Those of you that already have an understanding of fitness will know what HIIT is. For those that don’t, it stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. This is a technique that’s all about getting you to work really hard for a short period, then rest for a bit, and repeat. Due to the intense nature of this training, it usually only lasts for up to 20 or so minutes. Now, it states on that HIIT can help you burn more calories in a shorter space of time, compared to more steady state training. For example, a 15-minute HIIT workout can burn more calories than a 15 minute run on the treadmill. It’s perfect for anyone training to play sports, and it’s also one of the best ways to burn fat and lose weight. Plus, you can make your own HIIT workouts using equipment, machines, or nothing at all. Here’s a short one to help you get started:

Brain Fitness Training

That’s right, brain fitness training is both a real thing and something that everyone should look into this year. Essentially, it’s the art of training your brain, so it remains healthy and functional. As it shows on, this can have a positive effect on loads of different aspects in your life. Your sleep can improve, your mental health will get better, and it can even help you perform better in physical exercises as well. The types of brain training range from meditation to memory boosting; there are loads of simple things you can do to make your brain ‘fit.’S

Strength Training

It goes without saying that a lot of women tend to avoid this type of fitness training. Strength training is all about lifting heavy weights to try and build muscle mass and get stronger. It’s regularly avoided as women think it’ll transform them into some super muscly creature that belongs in a bodybuilding competition. In reality, this is just a common fitness myth. There’s only so much muscle mass a woman can naturally put on, so you don’t have to worry about looking like some super jacked guy! Instead, strength training provides you with stronger muscles so you can train better and see more muscle tone as well. When complimented with some fat burning routines, you’ll end up looking phenomenal. Speaking of which, the more muscle mass you have, the easier it is to burn fat!

Contrary to what you might think, fitness isn’t rocket science. You don’t need to do anything strange or crazy to get fit and stay in excellent shape. In fact, if your fitness routine comprises of these three training types, then you’ll be in a great place both physically and mentally!

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