10 Planners to keep you organized in 2017

At one point in my life I had three planners: one for school, one for work and one for my blog. It was a bit extreme, but I enjoy keeping all of my lives separate. Then one day I stumbled upon an extra large planner that had room for all of my endeavors and suddenly the world was brighter.

Staying organized and creating schedules are my key to balancing school, a blog, a sorority and an internship. I am a firm believer that planners do indeed save lives. Below you will find a list of 10 planners to help keep you organized in the new year!

Sugar Paper Weekly Planner 



Chambray Agenda 

Sugar Paper Kraft Weekly Planner


The Happiness Planner

The Lilly Pulitzer To-Do Planner

Living Well Planner 

Riffle Paper Co.

The Boss Planner

The Day Designer 

BIG Happy Planner

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